its just a bat out of hell….

26 May

just to give a time line so i keep the days straight, today was the day the murdereer of etan patz was finally brought to justice after 33 years. one of the world cold case mysteries finally solved!! 

its also memorial day weekend 2012

so, after all the tears and the horrific things i said to Red Rocket, i still love him and want him in my life. i gave him a choice, its me or her. we both cried, had a nice dinner at mortons came home and made love like we hadnt done for quite some time.

all the truths will come out out soon, the good & the bad. he knows he can’t have his cake & eat it too.

i have so much going on in my head and so much i want to write, but i’m a weekend warrior and must go to sleep as i have to be up at 4am!!

will try to write over the weekend.


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